Making it Easy in the Big Easy
to Get Ready for School!!!!

Libertarians for Learning is a charity, registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State and supported by private donations.  Founder, Amy  Misko’s concern and alarm, that the continued closure of child care centers and public schools during this past year has left a huge number of children completely unprepared to start their Grade 1 or Kindergarten studies.  This concern and alarm, grew into the charity “Libertarians for Learning”.

Libertarians for Learning purchases and distributes, FREE, Pre-K workbooks, Kindergarten workbooks and First Grade workbooks, along with pencils, crayons, etc.  These workbooks teach young children  how to count, color, read and write.  These basic tools are the very foundation of human learning. These workbooks are easy to use and along with some parental or mentoring guidance, our young children CAN be prepared for their future of educational success.

School starts for most children by late August.  That is barely 4 months from today. Libertarians for Learning needs your help to purchase and distribute thousands of workbooks.

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We need to do this right now.

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Please call Amy Misko at 504-650-2380 to volunteer.

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