About Libertarians for Learning

Mission Statement

Founded on Thursday, April 22, 2021 by Amy Misko, the Louisiana “LIBERTARIANS FOR LEARNING”, are organizing to help change the world of learning for ALL our young children about to embark on their path to educational learning success. We are honored and excited to embark on this great FREE educational endeavor. www.LibertariansforLearning.com

“Libertarians for Learning” is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit charity, supported solely by private donations. We accept NO government money of any kind. It has three main goals:

1.) Install and maintain “Lending Libraries” to encourage all people to read, learn and expand their knowledge and awareness of our world, All Day Every Day.

2.) FREE distribution of Pre-K through Grade 6 workbooks.

  • 3.) Scholarships for students for university, college, trade school or other certification programs.

The very first “Lending Library” was installed at 6830 Canal Blvd, New Orleans LA 70124, just before Covid-19 hit (February 2020) and forced the closure of our businesses, schools and public libraries. Master Maintenance owner, Mr. “Elliot” Takhauv was so impressed by this free lending library, that he donated his materials and labor for this first “Free Lending Library” installation. This first “Lending Library” has been a central source of reading materials, in Orleans Parish, especially during the pandemic, when our local public libraries were closed. It is filled with books for babies, youngsters, teens and adults. It has coloring books and art books. It has little free gifts and games, too. Libertarians for Learning will be building and installing more “Lending Libraries” everywhere, as funding permits.

During the pandemic, Amy Misko’s growing concern and alarm, that the continued closure of Pre-K learning centers and Public Schools during this past year has left a huge number of children in Louisiana and our country, completely unprepared to start their Kindergarten or Grade 1 studies. This concern and alarm, was the inspiration for creating the charity, “Libertarians for Learning”. “Libertarians for Learning” purchases and distributes, FREE, Pre-K through Grade 6 workbooks along with pencils, crayons, etc. These workbooks teach young children how to read and write, count and color, math and science. These basic tools are the very foundation of human learning. These workbooks are easy to use and along with some parental or mentoring guidance, young children CAN be prepared for their future of educational success. We recently added a tutorial service for children who may need additional help with their studies. The tutor can meet with and assist a child with their workbook learning. Our tutors are university students, retired teachers or non-profit volunteers. Call for more information 228-286-9492.

The Scholarship Program’s first scholarship is underwritten at Tulane University, by the Amy and Louis Misko Scholarship Fund. The recipient criteria are 1.) From the Greater New Orleans geographic area. 2.) Students who demonstrate financial need. 3.) Students who identify as first or second generation college students. The scholarship program is focused on helping local students with financial need, not necessarily the highest grade point average. And for students who likely are first or second generation Americans.

Donations and Volunteers Needed

Please contact us

Call Amy Misko at 228-286-9492