Making it Easy in the Big Easy
to Get Ready for School!!!!

Libertarians for Learning is a charity, registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State Corporation with 501(C) 3 status pending. We supported solely by private donations. No use no taxpayers dollars. This charity was born from Amy Misko’s concern and alarm, that the continued closure of child care centers and public schools during the Pandemic left a huge number of children completely unprepared to start their Grade 1 or Kindergarten studies. This concern and alarm, grew into the charity “Libertarians for Learning”. We now offer pre-K through 6th Grade FREE textbooks/workbooks in Louisiana and Mississippi. These workbooks teach young children how to read and write, add and subtract and basic color and shape recognition. These basic tools are the very foundation of human learning. These workbooks are easy to use and along with some parental or mentoring guidance, our young children CAN be prepared for their future of educational success.

To encourage learning by ALL, Libertarians for Learning installs, stocks and maintains “Lending Libraries” in Louisiana and Mississippi. Books may be borrowed and returned. All books are new, modern and teach toddlers to adults on all subjects, both non-fiction and fiction, science, the arts and humanities. We are looking for more locations for our Lending Libraries. Can you help?

Libertarians for Learning also offers higher education scholarships. The first scholarship is under the Amy and Louis Misko Scholarship at Tulane University and will be available for Fall 2024. These scholarships are designed for “first or second GENERATION college students”, is open to any student with grades “good enough to qualify” and focused on students in the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area, but this is not a requirement. Plans for a scholarship for the new Delgado Technical College in Algiers are under way. Scholarships for trades and other skilled labor schools and colleges are also underway.

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Please donate today! We are doing a workbook giveaway, and our goal is $2,000 in donations for workbooks! 

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