Pelican Institute’s “Solutions Summit” Highlights Education Savings Accounts

Libertarians for Learning Founder, Amy Misko attended the March 7, 2022 Pelican Institute sponsored “Solutions Summit  The Comeback ” in Baton Rouge.   There she was introduced to many State and Local Representatives from all areas in Louisiana who are promoting the “Education Savings Account Program” in Louisiana.   This concept endorses the Charter School idea implemented in Orleans Parish after Katina, of “the education dollars follow the child”, instead of the school district.  “Education Savings Accounts” uses this same idea of education tax dollars follow the child and the parents assign how the “Education Savings Account” dollars are spent to educate their child.  This offers flexibility to streamline an education program geared to each individual child in Louisiana.  The “Education Savings Account” is  controlled by the parent and child.  This offers parents more options for how to educate their children and gives the child more options for special needs learning, traditional learning, home schooling and special education learning.

  • Solutions Summit – The Comeback
  • A School that Fits for Every Louisiana Child
  • Education Savings Accounts
  • Sharon Hewett, Slidell State Representative
  • Patricia Rucker, West Virginia State Senator
  • Justin Wayne, Nebraska State Senator